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AGM-College Advisors, LLC ® takes a team approach in working with clients. While one advisor is the primary advisor for the student and the family, all advisors are involved with providing services. This means that every client benefits from the strengths of each advisor.

Ray Anderson has been an educator and principal for thirty-five years in the Arlington Public Schools. Ray has special skills in identifying student personalities and learning styles through long-established interviewing techniques. He is the founder of H-B Woodlawn, annually ranked by Newsweek and the Washington Post as among the nation’s top public schools. He is also an active member of the Virginia and DC Bar.

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Frank Haltiwanger recently retired as a principal, special education administrator and teacher with the Arlington Public Schools. In his roles as an educator he advised students and families on college planning and choices for over 35 years. Building trusting relationships and use of a time-tested protocol on advising students on college choices are at the heart of his practice.

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Steve Garman, partner emeritus, was one of the founders of AGM-College Advisors, LLC™. He has been an educator for over thirty years. Steve is known for his ability to create trusting relationships with students. He is a long-time gymnastic coach, and for twenty-seven years he has been the state chair of women’s gymnastics for Virginia–USA Gymnastics. He has helped athletes in sports from frisbee to swimming navigate the NCAA eligibility process. Although no longer taking clients, Steve still is available to AGM-College Advisors, LLC™ for consultation.

Randy McKnight
taught and advised students in the Arlington Public Schools for over forty years. As a former English department chair, he specializes in guiding students as they write their college essays. He has an M.A. in psychology with an emphasis on special learners.

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