AGM-College Advisors, LLC®

We help you identify the right colleges, prepare a great application, and make the final decision. Our goal is to be there for you every step of the way.

The Challenge

Sorting through post-secondary opportunities is a complex process that involves the entire family. Student dreams, parental expectations, and available resources complicate and enrich discussions and decisions. Throughout the process many questions have to be answered:

AGM-College Advisors, LLC ®  will help you:

Plan a successful high school program

Identify personal strengths and interests and find colleges that match them

Prepare for standardized tests

Select and use guidebooks

Make the most of your summers

Explore college majors and careers

Go on campus visits

Navigate the application process

Get good recommendations

Develop an effective resume

Proofread the final application

Write winning essays

Become NCAA eligible

Prepare for interviews

Understand financial issues and the FAFSA and CSS/Profile

Analyze financial aid packages

Make the final choice

Make the transition to college.

Helping Each Step of the Way

The advisors at AGM-College Advisors, LLC ®  are experienced high school educators. Together, they have counseled hundreds of students and their families through the college application process. They facilitate the conversations that students and parents must have and guide families through each step of the college application process.

Ray Anderson, Frank Haltiwanger, and Randy McKnight are the advisors of AGM-College Advisors, LLC.® They know and appreciate students. They understand students’ many needs and expectations. They appreciate students’ hopes and concerns. They understand what the application process and college life requires of students.

Ray, Frank, Randy, and Stephanie know how to help young people match who they are and what they want for themselves with what colleges have to offer. They have spent their careers helping students develop the skills, discipline, and attitudes needed for college success.