My son and I have had a wonderful experience working with AGM- College Advisors. They made the application process and his senior year a delight. Ray, Randy and Steve with all their years of experience in the educational field were the perfect trio in helping my son take an active role in his future. Their ability to listen and understand his views were key in helping them make wise recommendations for possible colleges that would fit his interests. Every detail of the college-application process was addressed by AGM-College Advisors, such as looking over college applications, helping him develop organizational skills, commenting on application essays, reviewing SAT scores, giving advice on part-time work, advising on financial issues, advising him on how to set up connections for future jobs in his field, and discussing emotional issues/pressures that may occur during his first year away from home. In addition, the fact that they could be contacted at any time for any reason while my son was away at school gave him the added confidence to have a great experience his first year at college. I would highly recommend AGM-College Advisors for any parent with a high school senior.


N.A.G. University of British Columbia

The college application process can be daunting. Randy is knowledgeable about a wide range of colleges and scholarship/financial aid programs. The guidance Randy offered our daughter kept her focused and organized throughout the process. He met with her regularly and offered her many “tips” as a result of his extensive experience. Our daughter gained admittance to her top-choice schools – University of Pennsylvania and University of Virginia. On top of this, Randy has kept in touch with her during freshman year with “first-year advice.” We enthusiastically recommend Randy as a college advisor.

P.H./ K.H

I was lucky to have Randy as my Advisor for four years. I chose him for my Advisor in ninth grade because I had heard of his years of accumulated experience and wisdom. In ninth grade, of course, I didn’t have to deal with college applications yet but Randy was helpful in telling me what class sequences were important for getting into top research universities. Long before I was thinking about college entrance tests, Randy suggested I take SAT Subject tests at the end of 10th grade. Throughout junior year we talked about my academic interests and what colleges would help me move towards my professional goals. He compiled a list of schools with robust programs in my area of interest. While I was deciding which school’s offer to accept, Randy offered to put me in touch with a former student of his who is attending one of the schools I was considering. Every step of the way Randy was informed and interested. During general meetings with several students he told all of us about general application pitfalls and upcoming deadlines (with handouts), and in individual meetings he either pushed me along the process (when I was procrastinating) or asked me how everything was going. He was masterful at both helping with the sublime task of editing my essays (one benefit of having an English teacher as an Advisor) and at understanding the prosaic paperwork and making sure I sent in complete applications. Not only has Randy been assisting with college applications for a long time, he’s also up-to-date on all the latest admissions news and trends. My parents say that …that he was insightful and reassuring.

D.G. Princeton University

…I wanted to make sure I took the time to thank you for everything you’ve done for me over the years. I would not have gotten where I am half as easily if it hadn’t been for you…You have an amazing amount of knowledge about everything college related, and that is so invaluable to your students. I’m so glad that I got to be one of them. You were there every step of the way and were always ready and willing to help me out. I really appreciate it. I never had to worry about whether I was doing something wrong because you were always there to clear things up and answer questions to help us—my parents and me—through the long college process.

F.M. Dartmouth

I have had the pleasure of working with Ray Anderson over a number of years in several capacities. As a parent of children attending H-B Woodlawn, I've known Ray in his position as principal of this school, a job that he held for over 30 years until his recent retirement. Ray's leadership, acumen, and intellectual gifts are generally credited with making the school one of the nation's most successful public high schools. I've observed that in school board meetings, as well as community and school gatherings, Ray's analytical mind and political astuteness generally carry home the point he is advocating. His calm good judgment and sense of proportion make him the kind of person that the community naturally turns to for guidance.

N.R. (parent of Brown University student)

While our daughter was considering various colleges, Ray suggested Chapman University because of its excellent film program. She applied to Chapman for early decision, but was rejected. Ray called the Dean of Admissions to discuss her situation. The Film School did re-examine her application, and this time the results were quite different. Not only was she admitted to the Film School, but she was also awarded the prestigious Dean's Scholarship.

Our family is grateful to Ray Anderson for all of the support and encouragement he has shown our daughter over the years, and for the extraordinary effort he made in helping her to be admitted to the college of her choice.